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CurbedWire: Twenty9th Park Madison Settles a Debt, More!

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MURRAY HILL?You know times have changed when the developers of a new luxury condo tower send out a press release celebrating the fact that they've paid off their $114 million construction loan. That's precisely what's happened at 34-story newcomer Twenty9th Park Madison, and we'll bite because they included some pictures of the building's new grillin' and loungin' enabled roof deck. We're suckers for a good sky-high getaway. [CurbedWire Inbox]

LANDLORDVILLE?Is the DOB tweaking its inspection strategy and springing some pop quizzes on landlords? A tipster writes, "I'm a landlord and obviously trying to do my best to keep my building rented in these tough times. Yesterday i get 2 women coming to see a vacant unit, having had called all week sounded a bit too enthusiastic about seeing the place, they are very upfront and say they work for the DOB. They then proceed to demand to see all available units, and ask some very non-tenancy related questions, and took notes on basically everything I said. In the end they left and said it was obvious that we care very much for our property and tenants and then left. Does anyone know of any crazy new DOB protocol where they are sending people out off the radar to inspect buildings informally? If so, that really sucks, and i feel violated in a little way." [CurbedWire Inbox]