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High Line Deleted Scenes: Partial Nudity Always Planned!

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As faux controversy has swirled surrounding the naked people (and the things they do while naked) seen in the windows of the Standard Hotel from the High Line, the High Line Blog has remained silent on the topic. But that doesn't mean the people behind the park-in-the-sky aren't interested in showing a little skin. This week the New Yorker published a photo of bikini babes taking in some sun on the High Line's loungers-on-wheels, and in response the High Line Blog posted a never-before-seen early rendering of the "Sundeck" feature. While the real thing turned out quite different, the blog notes, "Some things, though, have not changed. Front and center, the bikini-clad babe-rendering serves as a harbinger of sunbathers to come." So where's the guy going to town on himself in a nearby window?
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