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Garage-to-Condos Conversion Hits a Speed Bump

Chelsea's Carriage House wowed us and several Curbed readers back in the day before later vanishing without a trace. Sure, the renovated parking garage still stands at 159 West 24th Street, but it's 24 apartments dropped off the market and not a peep was heard. Now, the project's troubles have come to light. The developer is facing a pair of lawsuits from lenders, The Real Deal reports, with $19.47 million being sought in total. The building isn't finished and there's no certificate of occupancy, making it a bit tough for the developers to rally with a big sales push and get those loans paid off. Before they disappeared off the market, some units were asking $1,369/sf. The Carriage House website is still up and running for those who want to relive the good old days.
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159 West 24th Street

159 West 24th Street, New York, NY