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Bad Boys of 'Wall Street' Look to Settle Down, But Where?

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Last week, in response to Jennifer Gould Keil's report that a $140,000/month rental at Waldorf Towers was checked out by Oliver Stone as a possible pad for a character in Wall Street 2, a Curbed commenter posted a link to the script. Is it the final version? Unclear, but in this draft of uncertain origin, Michael Douglas's aging greedmonster Gordon Gekko resides in the traditional power 'hood of the Upper East Side, while the movie's main villain hangs his monocle in NYC's new castle of the oligarchs, 15 Central Park West. Today Keil revisits the topic, and she reports that the condo board at 15 CPW hasn't yet been approached by the filmmakers (and do they really want to be portrayed in such a light, anyway?), but "scouts are interested in a full-floor $45 million apartment for Gordon Gekko at 2 E. 67th St." The co-op (right), descirbed as "one of the toughest" by superbroker Dolly Lenz, counts billionaires Leonard Lauder and Jonathan Tisch among its residents. If Gekko gets denied by the board, perhaps a nice donation to the victims can get him into Madoff's old digs, even if it's so not triple-mint.
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023