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CurbedWire: Quiet on Church, Affordable Trump?

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FIDI?Developer Larry Silverstein said he would finish the foundation of the new Four Seasons hotel/condo at 99 Church Street (aka 30 Park Place) this summer and then let is sit pretty until construction financing could be had. Mission accomplished! A tipster sends in the above photo and writes, "Not a soul is stirring at 99 Church. Photographed from the 28th floor of 10 Barclay." [CurbedWire Inbox]

COLUMBUS CIRCLE?This sounds a bit unfathomable, but it's also kind of awesome and it's Friday so whatevs. A reader writes: "My friend recently heard about some rent-stabilized units at Trump Tower on Columbus Circle. Apparently, if you make between $34,000 and $44,000 you can live in a Trump Twer studio for $1000/month. Now this just doesn't seem right to me for such a prime spot with the amenities you can expect from a building with Trump in the name. What do you think? Is this kosher?" We think Donald Trump would blow up the planet before allowing such a thing to happen. [CurbedWire Inbox]

30 Park Place

30 Park Place, New York, NY

99 Church St

99 Church Street, Manhattan, NY 10007