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Casualties Suffered in Viridian's War on Greenpoint Wildlife

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Sleek glass buildings are still relative newcomers on the Greenpoint scene, and the area's feathered flocks are apparently having a hard time adjusting. The sky reflecting off famed neighborhood nondo the Viridian is becoming a death trap for birds, a New York Shitty tipster writes:

I was walking by the Viridian around noon today and saw something that made me stop dead in my tracks three dead birds – all were the same species with beautiful yellow feathers. It took me a few seconds to figure out what happened? It appeared that all three died from broken necks from a sudden impact. When I looked up it became clear what happened to these three. I wonder how many more birds will meet the same fate?Maybe Larry is the only Bird that Viridian partner Magic Johnson is willing to tolerate? Warning: Click through only if you wish to include looking at photos of dead animals in your Friday afternoon plans.
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