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Facade Facelift! Gansevoort Park Shows a Dark Side

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Facade revisions are all the rage nowadays, following the maxim that if first a design doesn't get fans in line, then try try again. Case in point: the Gansevoort Park Hotel that recently topped out at Park Avenue South and 29th Street. When we first revealed the neighborhood game-changer, the Stephen B. Jacobs Group design showed a face of soft pastels and a promise of "mutating colors" on the corner rising above the intersection. But now the firm's website shows something new. And sinister?

Gone are the beachy tones, replaced with blacks and browns and a column of glowing pink. That should certainly make a statement in straight-laced Murray Hill, no? Meanwhile, the facade has started to go up at 420 Park Avenue South, and it seems there are more changes being put into effect. A thick surround of black granite, with a polished frame and rougher-cut slabs, is up around the hotel entry on East 29th Street. Rising up the facade, and reflected in the glassy face of the new Twenty9th Park Madison across the street, are beefy vertical strips in brown and black. Up high the setbacks are intact, fulfilling the promise of a 13,000-square-foot triplex with outdoor decks, fireplaces, plunge pool and spa all open to public (check the gallery above for some previews). Come the summer of 2010, it will be time to party in the dark on Park.
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