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Truffles Tribeca Drops the Dolls, Adds Turf

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"You gotta have swine to show you where the truffles are," newish luxury rental Truffles Tribeca once told us, but we bet not even our piggish pals could find what's buried beneath the courtyard on Desbrosses Street. The grand entrance to the two-building complex (seen here just before the renters came a rentin')?described on the Truff website as an "open-air experience of relaxed formality and discreet community"?is currently covered by astroturf. Still, one new tenant is giving Big Truff the big thumbs up:

I recently moved into "Truffles Tribeca" and despite the building still being a
work-in-progress, it is a pretty sweet set-up. The only tidbits I can tip you off on are these, which are nothing jawdropping:

1) the courtyard by the building's entrance is still under construction and shows no sign of being ready by the September deadline. The entire area - which is covered with astroturf - was flooded during some recent rain.

2) Cellphone reception here is terrible. The tenants and employees I've spoken with have all said they get no reception. I can't make a phone call from my flat as I get one-to-zero bars. Apparently only Verizon is the one service that works at this location.

3) Management has removed the foppish mannequins from the second-floor outdoor terrace. Don't know why, but mercifully they are gone. Now if only they could change the name...

Change the name?! Such treason must be punished! One cage match with Natasha coming right up.
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