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High Line Backlash: Mo' Money Mo' Problems

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The High Line's honeymoon is over, and now it's time for the promenade-in-the-sky to pay the price?literally! The park's annual operating costs have ballooned to $4.5 million, with $1 million of that coming from the city and Friends of the High Line responsible for ponying up the rest. FHL has hinted at proposing a High Line Improvement District to raise an additional $1 million per year by taxing neighbors, seeing as how the High Line will continue to be a money minter for nearby businesses and property owners. But wait just a doggone minute! The Post examined the High Line's expenses, and the paper is not pleased with what it found.

Average city parks get $9,555 per acre for upkeep, while the High Line is expected to get $522,488 to $671,641 per each of its total 6.7 acres, which would put the larger Bryant Park at a distant second. The High Line has twice as many parks enforcement patrol officers as all of the Bronx, and employs four officials raking in salaries above $100k. Good work if you can get it, but not everyone approves. One park watchdog says the High Line tax (estimated at $30 to $90 annually for a 1,000-square-foot property) is a "pay-for-play deal that sets a terrible precedent." Indeed. Will people living near shitty parks get to demand refunds?
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