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High Line Frenzy Continues: 303 Tenth Avenue Revealed

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There's more action on the blooming north end of the High Line, where a new 13-story development is rising at 303 Tenth Avenue. Yep, rising. Not "planned" or "in the works." High Line Phase II, get ready for this one from the gang at H. Thomas O'Hara, though the firm's website doesn't show any info. But renders are available via an online report (warning: PDF) from a project architect who worked on the plan. What will the taxman find when he one day wanders up the block?

The plans show a block of 89 units on a 100' x 100' lot, set back away from the High Line between 27th and 28th Streets. Some bulk was added at a cost of $3 million by swapping some development rights with a property on West 24th Street. Another chunk of space was granted due to the "Inclusionary Housing" zoning bonus, which translates to 18 affordable-housing units, starting at a low $960-per-month for a studio and topping out at $1,267-per-month for 2BRs. RKF is marketing the retail, showing ground floor space running from Tenth Avenue across the full site to the edge of the elevated park's riveted supports. Not surprisingly, the brokerage has let it be known that "entertainment or restaurant use" is acceptable. It looks like the folks at 303 Tenth are taking to heart the High Line motto to "Keep it Wild."
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