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West Village Takes Title of Manhattan's Priciest 'Hood

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Flashy displays of wealth have become unfashionable everywhere but the Meatpacking District brunch scene, but there are still hefty bragging rights involved in Forbes' annual crowning of the country's most expensive zip codes. The data is based on the median asking price of homes currently on the market, and this year the top of the list is dominated by SoCal, which places six zips in the top 10. The country's most expensive zip?despite a 23% drop in prices?is Alpine, N.J., where Manhattan tycoons go to rest their weary heads. But forget the 'burbs, how did the city fare?

Per Forbes the most expensive Manhattan zip is 10014, basically the entire West Village up through the Meatpacking District (guess those sparkler-topped champagne bottles aren't so ostentatious after all!). It placed #3 on the list, following a 24% drop in prices. The break-up of the Upper East Side's storied 10021 continues to wreak havoc on the neighborhood's ranking, with spin-off zips 10065 and 10075 taking #9 and #16, respectively. Tribeca's 10013 (#18) and Soho's 10012 (#24) also placed high. Meanwhile, though the Upper West Side's 10023 just missed playing with the big boys (#51?the pain!), prices there have actually increased 4% according to Forbes' data. Here's the landing page for the whole package, but do check out the interactive map and slideshow o' porn and kiss your workplace productivity goodbye.
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