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Loose-Lipped Doorman Abruptly Stops Oversharing

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As pointed out by a Curbed commenter and a tipster to the CurbedWire, it appears the blogging/Tweeting Manhattan doorman has pulled the plug on his burgeoning online empire. It remains to be seen whether he got fired and deleted the accounts out of rage or just plain wised up, but based on most of his content it was clear this Icarus was flying a bit too close to the sun. Recent tweets include: "A burger joint just gave me $5.00 off coupons for leaving some menu's at the doorman station," and the immortal, "A resident came down to the lobby with his daughter to pick up a box of wine she asked 'daddy what's that?' he said 'juice' she said 'juice for me' he said 'no for mommy.' lol." Before we bid adieu to our brief but intense obsession, we can still relive the Twitter feed and blog in its cached form. Fare thee well, Doorman in the City, wherever you may be.
· @doormaninNYcity [Twitter/Google cache]
· Doorman in the City [Blogspot/Google cache]