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Report Says WTC (All of It!) is Years Behind New Schedule

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Yesterday Governor Paterson fired off an angry letter threatening developer Larry Silverstein with excommunication at the World Trade Center if he can't work out a deal with the Port Authority, and now Team Silverstein (which includes Mayor Bloomberg and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver) is firing back. But while the deadlock over Towers 2 and 3 heads toward arbitration or Armageddon or whatever other sad fate awaits, let's talk about what's new with the parts of Ground Zero's redevelopment that are actually in motion. Eh, those aren't doing so hot either.

The Daily News reports on the findings of a "secret report" prepared by the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center that basically throws the Port Authority's October timeline in the trash. According to the report the Freedom Tower One World Trade Center will not be finished until 2018, the 9/11 Memorial will miss the 10-year anniversary of the attacks by two years, and the transportation hub could be looking at a four-year delay. The Port Authority still insists the October roadmap is accurate, and the LMCCC told the paper the report is a "preliminary draft" not meant to be considered as fact. But would anyone be surprised if it all turned out to be true?
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