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Stalled Sites List Climbs Over 400, Gets Suggestions

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The Buildings Departments' mysterious alliance of stalled sites superheroes released an updated count of the city's frozen construction projects yesterday, and the results were shocking! Well, to us, anyway. After the last update, which put the number of stalled sites at 395, we set the over/under on this week's naughty list at 410. We had the farm riding on the over, but according to the DOB's inspectors the tally has climbed to 405. No Christmas this year, kids. But what's the true number? Nobody knows, and that includes the Post's Steve Cuozzo, who commends the oft-maligned DOB for trying to get a handle on the growing menace of urban blight but wonders why some high-profile holes haven't been counted. Questioning the DOB's methods? Oh, he went there!

The Cuozz accidentally put the DOB's results at 409 (not realizing the spreadsheet starts on the fifth line), but he fires off a few unlisted nonstarters to make up for the oopsie, including the SOM-designed 250 West 55th Street office tower, the equally glassy Upper East Side luxury condo building The Charles (right) and the 80-story Four Seasons/condo skyscraper at 99 Church Street (also right), which developer Larry Silverstein is still confident will be built. If not, look at the bright side: At least this guy will get some sleep.
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30 Park Place

30 Park Place, New York, NY

The Charles

1355 First Avenue, New York, NY

250 West 55th Street

250 West 55th St., New York, NY