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Tribeca Building Once Housed Horses, Now Prefers Marble

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For those who thought the high times were over, take a gander at what developer Peter Moore and architect Kevin Kennon have wrought out of the old American Express Horse Stables in Tribeca. Partygoers from the '80s might remember the old landmark as Area, the infamous nightspot that ruled Tribeca before the condos came. Moore snapped up the site and pushed through a slightly controversial rooftop addition a few years back. Now there's a batch of spacious lofts with interiors by architect Ben Hansen, all spread throughout the gloriously restored red-brick and terracotta structure built in 1866. The prices are nothing to neigh at, and while the building is officially at 157 Hudson Street, a quiet little entrance around the corner was created at 60 Collister Street for the Marble House. It's a 9,200-square-foot triplex nestled into the original building, complete with a subterranean swimming pool swathed in stone, its very own website and, oh, a $24.5 million price tag. "God lives in the details," we're told, and it's an extravagant life, indeed.

The sprawling Marble House has been developed by Stuart Parr, movie producer and co-manager of the film career of Eminem (maybe he'd be interested?). The "Greenwich-style home, reconfigured for Manhattan" might seem spendy, but consider what it contains: 4BRs, 5BAs and a kitchen sink "quarried from one 2-ton piece of Carrara marble." Did we mention the handy Trunk Room? (At first glance we clueless ones thought that the 12' x 19' space was ironically labeled "Junk Room.") And don't miss the Valencia Suite, outfitted in crema marble hand selected by the developer on a jaunt through Italy with designer/artist Marc Newsom. The whole spread is comprehensively chronicled in an 11-page online slideshow at the Observer, and for a real drool fest, don't miss the video walk-through put together by New York. Let the good time roll?
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60 Collister Street

60 Collister Street, New York, NY