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Williamsburg Roof Abusers Coda: It's a Shitshow!

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Yesterday we mentioned a curiously worded memo to the residents of 132 North 5th Street. Apparently management is so upset with the conduct of some of those using the building's rooftop that they've reached the point of incoherence. And that's not surprising, according to a Curbed tipster:

You guys are aware that 132 North 5th's roof is one of the most notorious shitshows in Williamsburg, right? The message from the landlord is "the roof of this building has made me insane and I can no longer communicate effectively in words, please stop being such aholes on the roof." Its partly cause of who lives there and the history, but its partly because its right next to the train, so all sorts of randos go up there all the time. The landlords were constantly dealing with moveouts and complaints from the top floor because it was unlivably loud, so they closed off half the roof with a fence a few years ago, and put down some kind of rubber matting on the rest. Obviously, the fence has proven insufficient to keep people off the other side of the roof, but word on the street is that the padding helps.Well that's a relief. Our tipster also alerts us to the 132 North 5th Street blog, which appears to exist mostly to discuss/complain about the wild roof parties. The above picture comes from a 2008 entry, but here's something a bit more recent: "They were actually trying to kick our door down to get into our apartment. For real. Luckily the police were quick to come because they had already been called to the building several times because of this party." So that's what's been keeping them too busy to crack down on the squatters!
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