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CurbedWire: L Haus's Lush Lawn, Fifth on the Park Amended

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LONG ISLAND CITY?Though we're no strangers to the curious facade of LIC's new L Haus building, PR has just sent out a release announcing the unveiling of the building's Cetra/Ruddy-designed facade. It's a big, pretty photo, so we couldn't resist. Also, check out the reveal of the Haus's lawn, so far showing no visible signs of Slip-n-Slide related damages. [CurbedWire Inbox]

HARLEM?Tales of more offering plan amendment shenanigans, this time from Fifth on the Park: "Fifth on the Park has just sent out an amendment (the '20th amendment') which significantly reduces buyer's rights and changes the purchase contract retroactively. It's nicely embedded in other stuff, but here is the bomb: "The change means that in the event of default of a purchaser, the Sponsor can not only keep the deposit, but sue for specific performance or damages." This is so dangerous because in the original purchase contracts, buyers agreed to all later changes to their contract by amendment unless they reject the amendment within 15 days. I think it's important to urge all buyers to reject the amendment, in particular when they do not know if they are able or willing to close." [CurbedWire Inbox]

L Haus

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