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On the Racked: Gucci Madness at DSW, More Denim in LES!

The latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Union Square: When acres of Gucci goods discounted 60% appear, so does the chaos. Above, the scene at DSW on 14th Street last evening when the "surprise" sale started a day early; click through for many more photos from the scene. The sale continues today at risk of pocketbook and/or limbs.

2) Chelsea: As Gucci at DSW winds up, the epic Alexander McQueen sample sale winds down. And while the sale may be over, it will live on in the hearts of shoppers: "Oh, McQueen sale, you have made many people happy in these two days. We have no doubt that there were many first-time McQueen buyers in the crowd, and we fully expect to see a Fashion Week full of skull scarves."

3) Lower East Side: Gruesomely named San Francisco transplant Self Edge is bringing denim—no, really—to the starved Lower East Side masses. Here's a video tour of the new store, with classic LES scene-setting, natch.

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