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CurbedWire: Loose Bricks at 2 Fifth Ave., Summer Streets!

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CENTRAL VILLAGE—There's the imminent possibility of a wall collapse at 2 Fifth Avenue (above), according to wire reports synthesized by Gothamist: "10-12 FLOOR WALLS ARE BULGING" and "BRICKS ARE PULLING AWAY FROM THE 17TH AND 18TH FLOORS." Authorities are bracing for a "minor" wall collapse. Meantime, some Gothamist color: "Here's some history about the 20-story, 391-unit building—did you know there were originally 11 brownstones on the property—built by William Rhinelander for his family—between Washington Square Park North and 8th Street? When plans for this apartment building were released, there was a 'Save Rhinelander' campaign." [Gothamist]

SUMMER STREETS—The first of three August Saturdays of Summer Streets returns tomorrow as a thoroughfare from the Brooklyn Bride to Central Park (Lafayette Street-4th Avenue-Park Avenue-72nd Street-Central Park) becomes a car-free zone. More details from Us? We're going unicycle. [CurbedWire]

2 Fifth Avenue

2 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY