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Funky Friday Listing(s): Paired Up at 2 Bond Street

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Just a few days ago, these two apartments at 2 Bond Street in Noho hit the market, priced at an identical $1.25 million each. At left above, the third-floor loft, described as a "magical square shaped corner loft with nine oversized windows flooded with south and west light"; at right above, the fourth floor, a "serene corner penthouse loft is square in shape and boasts nine oversized windows and an enviable skylight." Both units are interesting in their own way, but of the two, we think we know which we'd snag—at least from the listing photos and the staging. Anyone been inside this odd building with more thoughts to share on this pair?
· Listing: 2 Bond Street, 3rd Floor [PDE via Curbed Marketplace]
· Listing: 2 Bond Street, 4th Floor [PDE via Curbed Marketplace]