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Curbed Hamptons: Gere Sells, Madoff Mysteries, And More!

This week's headlines from Curbed Hamptons, our outpost on the East End...

1) For celebrities as for the rest of us, the way to move property this summer in the Hamptons is with liberal use of the ol' PriceChopper. Actor Richard Gere followed this path with his Water Mill pad, slicing from $8.8m to $7.2m, all the way to $6.5m, where it finally traded. Weep not for Gere: he paid $2.7m for the place in 2001.

2) Meantime, out in Montauk, what's doing with scamster Bernie Madoff's house? A source whispers that it's still awhile away from being listed, but that there just might be buried Madoff treasure on the site. Also, this: "Stories that 'a group of untidy pot smoking surfers are using the pad to hang out, party and chill' are sadly false."

3) On the food beat, one critic wonders whether it's the copious parking that makes Nick & Toni's so successful. Yeah, probably. And for late-night weekend bites, check out Curbed Hamptons' rundown of the Top 10 Late-Night Food Options.

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