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The G Word

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From a Daily News profile of the dear old Gowanus today: "One thing is clear: Not everybody wants to be identified with Gowanus. Some real-estate brokers don't mention proximity to the canal in their listings. The same goes for homebuyers and sellers who see no reason to bring up the 'G' word. 'I've done a number of transactions between Hoyt and the canal,' says Sal Cappi, a vice president with Fillmore Real Estate, referring to the area west of the Gowanus. 'None of the people who sold their homes said they're moving from Gowanus. None of the people buying homes say they're moving into Gowanus. It hasn't gotten to an equal level with Carroll Gardens in terms of neighborhood desirability.'" Hipster canoers, on the other hand, are totally on board. [NYDailyNews]