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(Back) on the Market: Tribeca's Smyth Hotel Tries Again

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As promised, the 15 condos atop the posh new Smyth Tribeca hotel at 85 West Broadway have returned to the market, albeit a bit later than initially thought. And, in some cases, a whole lot cheaper! The Smyth 15 nearly got snapped up by an investor in one swoop, hotelier Jason Pomeranc said, but it appears the deal fell apart. Now there's a relaunched website and new Stribling listings sporting photos of a model unit (seen above). Pre-construction prices for the condos easily topped $2,000/sf back in the day, but not even De Niro's playground is immune to the new reality.

Back when we first examined a bit of the Smyth's floorplan porn, we had no comment on a 477-square-foot 1BR asking $1.1 million. Looks like the market did the talking for us, because the four currently advertised 1BR listings range in price from $635,000 to $875,000. The cheapest, #10N, is still looking for $1,200/sf, but that's some 42% drop, eh?

Elsewhere, #10W?a 1,044-square-foot 2BR, 2BA?has dropped from $2.3 million to $1.575 million, about 30%. But not all is PriceChopper madness at the Smyth. The 2BR penthouse is still hanging in at $4.8 million, or a hefty $2,724/sf. Hey, we'd pay that much for daily maid service if we could, but, er, we blog for a living. Will the Smyth 15 finally find its permanent vacationers?
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