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Truffles Tribeca is Downtown's Newest Gated Community

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Courtyard woe continues down in the unprotected wilds of North Tribeca, where anything goes these days. The residents of the new porcine penitentiary luxury rental complex charmingly labeled Truffles Tribeca have some added security at the perimeter of the complex's courtyard along Desbrosses Street. Could this be an homage to the old Newgate State Prison that once sat on the banks of the Hudson a few blocks to the north and did indeed employ some four-legged foodies to dispose of the garbage? Who knew Natasha vas such a history buff?

Currently the Truffles open space, which was recently covered in modernistic verdant green, is showing a, er, starker look. A Truffles tipster passes along a note from management that the courtyard continues to be a work in progress because, "the water test on the courtyard resulted in repairs needed so the courtyard will not be accessible until work on the membrane is completed." We hate it when a misbehaving membrane gets in the way of an "open-air experience of relaxed formality and discreet community," but for now the inmates residents can enjoy a gauntlet of barriers that lead up to the lobby doors. And we thought Brutalism was dead!
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