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Dangerous Fifth Ave. Balconies Go Black for Our Protection

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There's a reason we hate to see balconies counted in a for-sale apartment's total square-footage: You never know when one will turn into an off-limits death trap. Such is the case at 325 Fifth Avenue (between 32nd and 33rd Streets), the sleek 42-story condo tower that opened in 2006 and sold off units for as much as $3.9 million. The glass balconies have been covered in mesh and plywood, and apartment owners are banned from stepping foot on them. All because glass panels have dislodged and fallen, the Daily News reports, and the Department of Buildings is not pleased. The building's construction manager claims only one of the 1,300 panels has broken, and the wrapping is just a precaution until the cause of the breakage is determined. One resident tells the DN, "If I had known of any troubles, I wouldn't have even looked at an apartment here." Psh, take those tears back to San Jose, buddy.

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