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CurbedWire: Tribeca Zombies Debunked, Someone Wants to Build Something in Manhattanville

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TRIBECA?A tipster gets our hopes up and writes, "I think construction at 5 Franklin Place maybe have started up again, that is assuming the building next door at 365 Broadway is a part of that construction. They have full height scaffolding up and they are doing work on the façade. Don't know the scope of the project so I don't know if they plan to take down that building or not." Yes, zombie condos!!! Oh crap, wait, it's this thing. False alarm! [CurbedWire Inbox]

WEST HARLEM?One would think that any development in Manhattanville would be welcomed with open arms, but apparently that's not the case. A plan to build a nine-story, 130-unit residential building needs a zoning switch from manufacturing to residential in the area between Amsterdam and Convent Avenues from West 129th to West 130th Streets to go through, but the rezoning proposal is currently getting put through the ringer in the ULURP process. Community Board 9 already dropped the hammer, and now Manhattan beep Scott Stringer has announced his disapproval. His statement on the matter is after the jump.

“The proposed rezoning of this block of West Harlem would work against the best interests of the Manhattanville community, offering no affordable housing opportunities and eliminating the economic benefits that the current manufacturing zone offers. Furthermore, if approved, the project would prevent this block from being included in the larger West Harlem Rezoning project, forcing the community to approach the discussion with a divided lens rather than a cohesive, integrated plan for the future success of this neighborhood. As such, I am recommending against the approval of this project.”Yeah, keep that manufacturing! Until Columbia takes over the 'hood, of course. [CurbedWire Inbox]

365 Broadway

365 Broadway, New York, NY 10013