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Eater Tastings: Minetta Goes VIP-Only, Florent Forgives

This week's top dish from Eater, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

1) LES: The tri-level Ludlow Street space that was formally Suba has been reborn as the stunner Los Feliz, serving up tacos and plenty of sex appeal. This place looks so gorgeous we're reconsidering our ban on all Hell Square-related weekend activity.

2) Greenwich Village: Hey non-celebrity, would you like to eat at Keith McNally sensation Minetta Tavern between the hours of, say, 7-10? Too bad, your kind is no longer welcome.

3) Meatpacking District: Who should stop by the first night of friends-and-family at Gansevoort 69, the café occupying the Florent corpse? Why, Florent Morellet himself! And he liked it, once they sat him.

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