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Reader Rant: Hotel Le Bleu's Disco Inferno Riling Neighbors

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Hotel Le Bleu, the glowing Park Slope boutique hotel that's actually in Gowanus, recently opened a top-floor restaurant called Vue. And what are those vues of? According to the Village Voice's review, "Fourth Avenue--a Pep Boys, a Staples, and an ambulatory infusion center." Also via the Voice, the scene "feels weirdly foreign--like you've stumbled into a Czech club or something." If there's one thing Park Slopers (or wanna-be Park Slopers) hate, it's rigidly defined gender roles. And if there's another thing they hate, it's nightlife entrepreneurs stomping on their quality of life. A neighbor on "Brooklyn's Park Avenue" writes:

The natives are getting restless with the constant noise problems from Hotel Le Bleu's rooftop restaurant and bar. Nearby neighbors at The Novo and The Milk Factory Co-Op have called 311 and have complained to the Vue management about disorderly patrons and booming music coming from the bar's new rooftop disco (complete with light show). Despite assurances from Vue management, the disruptions continue and Community Board 6 has now been brought into the fray.We feel bad for the neighbors, but noise complaints about a rooftop disco are the most solid proof yet that Fourth Avenue is making it as a residential 'hood. Vive le Vue!
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