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How to Make Us Care About the LIRR: With This Thing!

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The Atlantic Yards megaproject has distracted us from the long overdue completion of the new Long Island Rail Road entrance pavilion just across Flatbush Avenue, wedged into the Atlantic Center mall. It was supposed to be done in 2007, but "unforeseen site conditions" delayed the target date to, hey now, this fall! As anyone who's wandered the Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street transit hub (while it's still called that) knows, the construction has become a confusing mess over the years. But here's the thing: Has it all been worth it? Check out the startling reveal above of the work-in-progress station, complete with sky views up to One Hanson Place's dome and a cool pixel-like thingamajig. Here's how our tipster got the shot:

I was walking through the Atlantic Pacific Transit Hub earlier today and right underneath all the construction I noticed that they took the overhead scaffolding down. I'm not sure when this occurred but this is the first time I got to take a look at the interior of the grand entrance. It looks pretty good! I love the pixel-like detail treatment of the upper floor. No mortar between the tiles yet though. In the background through the windows you can see One Hanson. Only managed to take one snap as the construction workers around me were giving me dirty looks.Here's a rendering of the outside of the Atlantic Terminal entrance, via Second Avenue Sagas. At least Long Islanders will be able to ride to Nets games in style, if that whole thing across the street actually happens.

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