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Provincetown Playhouse's Flesh Wound Gets Bigger

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The hole in the side of MacDougal Street's Provincetown Playhouse is growing almost as fast as the anger directed at NYU, which pledged to preserve the shell of the historic theater while it builds a new academic building around it. Word came a few weeks back that a section of wall was demolished without a head's up from NYU officials, though the pictures of a couple punctures didn't seem all that bad. Now The Villager and the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation (warning: PDF) have returned to the scene of the crime, and Mr. Gorbachev, they sure did tear down that wall. NYU sent a sacrificial lamb to a meeting of the Task Force on New York University Development (yep, that exists), and the task force members weren't shy about sounding off. Said one, "If they could move the Temple of Dendur from Egypt to the Metropolitan Museum, I dont see why N.Y.U. couldn't preserve four walls of a 90-year-old theater in a project across the street from its law school." Congrats to those who had September 11, 2009, in Curbed's Temple of Dendur reference pool.
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