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CurbedWire: Novo Sells Out, Lien Times at 200 Eleventh?

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BROOKLYN'S PARK AVENUE?We've called the Novo Park Slope many things over the years, but one thing we weren't sure we'd ever call it is "sold out." But like an 18-wheeler barreling down Fourth Avenue at the crack of dawn, a press release just hit the CurbedWire announcing that Mr. Scarano's Opus is "100% sold and 98% closed." Sales in the 113-unit building kicked off in March 2007. Mazel tov to all. Relive the past here. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WEST CHELSEA?Might architect Annabelle Selldorf's long-delayed 200 Eleventh Avenue become the latest high-profile condo development hit with mechanics liens? A special Curbed tipster writes: "I was just getting something notorized at the bank, they were filling out a mechanics lien from one of the contractors - set to go to court. I'm 100% it was against the landlords." Well, sky garages probably don't come cheap nowadays. Maybe the developer has other things on his mind. [CurbedWire Inbox]

200 11th Avenue

200 11th Avenue, New York, New York