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Construction Watch: West Chelsea Penthouse Taunts Inmates

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We thought what made the conversion of 120 Eleventh Avenue into fancy residential lofts interesting was the building's past as a candy factory and gay club. Turns out, the future looks pretty darn fascinating as well. The penthouse addition to the West Chelsea building is coming along, which brings to focus an interesting situation: Ol' 120 Eleventh is separated from Jean Nouvel's Vision Machine by just one building. That building happens to be a women's prison. A women's prison whose rooftop recreation area has an amazing view of the 120 Eleventh penthouses' (there's two of them up there) wraparound terrace. Talk about a captive audience!

For a look at the finished product, check out the penthouse rendering on the development's website, which makes no mention of the license-plate-pressing operation next door in the "boutiques" section of its neighborhood map.
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120 Eleventh Avenue

120 Eleventh Avenue, New York, NY 10011