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Return of the Megaproject: Moynihation Station is Back!

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Rumors of Moynihan Station's demise may not have been greatly exaggerated, but word of its comeback was sure as heck under-reported. Shockingly, a deal has been struck to move Amtrak from its subterranean lair in Penn Station across Eighth Avenue to a new annex carved out of the Farley Post Office. The new annex?Moynihan Station, people!?would connect to Penn Station and finally give the beleaguered dungeon a pleasant above-ground presence. The more ambitious Moynihan plan, with a relocated Madison Square Garden and new towers galore, may still be a goner, but at least some of the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan's vision will come to fruition. Unless this is just another tease in the station's 15-year odyssey.

So what finally led to a deal with Amtrak? According to the Times, Amtrak's new chief?a former New York State transportation commissioner?has been on board with the Moynihan Station plan, which helped politicians kick-start the project anew. Plus, the government agreed to let Amtrak share in the revenue from the retail outlets that will fill the new station. Another theory: the recent revisiting of the demolition of the original, stunning Penn Station on Mad Men filled everyone with a renewed sense of shame.

No new designs that have been released, which is probably a good thing. Don't get our hopes up when there's still over $1 billion needed to move ahead with the project. But hey, according to Senator Chuck Schumer the Amtrak agreement will make it easier to get stimulus funds (there's already $200 million earmarked for Moynihan). Thanks taxpayers! The first time we buy an overpriced Vitamin Water at a Moynihan Station newsstand, we'll pour a little out in your honor.
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