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Goldman Sachs Goes Public With Battery Park City Path

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With all the attention on that little project going up across West Street, the new and nearly complete 43-story Goldman Sachs headquarters, a gift from taxpayers to Battery Park City, had been getting little attention until today's security kerfuffle. Which is no doubt just fine with the notoriously tight-lipped Goldman gang. It's that shyness that might be why the reconstructed pedestrian passageway between Vesey and Worth Murray Streets recently reopened without fanfare. The glass-covered gallery offers views into the very colorful entry of the new Goldman building itself, decked out in various shades of orange. The walkway also gives access upstairs to shoe-shopping maniacs with a need to feed. Not to mention a way to watch a movie and, one day, maybe practice some putting. And isn't that every Goldman banker's dream?
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200 West Street

200 West Street, New York, NY 10282