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Sunnin' With Scarano #2: Williamsburg Welcomes 'The Pad'

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First: Yep, the window thing is intentional. Per the website description, architect Robert Scarano's recently completed The Pad at 196 South 2nd Street in Williamsburg boasts a "striking, sleek steel panel façade with an intentional geometric window design that sways from the traditional." Second: There's no pool. Bobby Scar saves that for the luxury stuff. But all is not lost, tanorexics! Each apartment in the 30-unit Southsider has private outdoor space, and there's a fairly snazzy looking (in renderings, at least) common rooftop sun deck, "for your warm-weather pleasure." Wear protection.

Listings so far, according to the (new and improved!) Aptsandlofts website, range from $390,000 to $605,000 for studios and 1BRs boasting the trademark Scarano mezzanines, Exploiting Zoning Loopholes One Building Boom At a Time™. Two units have closed, and prices were recently trimmed 3-10 percent across the board. Pasty geometry geeks, this is your moment!
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