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Sunnin' With Scarano #1: Poolside at Scarano-on-Bowery!

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The shiny silver sliver that erupts from The Bowery between East 3rd and East 4th Street has long been a fascination of ours, due in part to the involvement of architect Robert Scarano, who, by dint of his having designed the Bowery Hotel a block south, has created the dominant visual themes of this re-invented stretch of Ye Olde Bouwerie. But fuck Peter Stuyvesant—last night found us poolside at 52 East 4th Street, which has just received its certificate of temporary occupancy. Well, poolside might be a bit of a stretch—there's a reason the marketing materials call it a "spa-swimming pool." But hey, they've got cabanas, and at a special brokers' party last night, they tossed in a reality TV show crew (show name: Selling New York; thanks, HGTV) as well.

We asked CORE broker Fredrik Eklund what's still up for grabs here, and he responds: "We only have two units left, PH2 and PH3 at $2,695,000 and $3,250,000. With the latter you get the entire roof as a private terrace. The purpose (we had over 250 people there last night and it was a huge success) was to celebrate that we are done, we have TCO and that we opened the outdoor pool. I have several people seriously considering the last two units, which could be combined to a 4br/4bths triplex with the city’s best views (and I don’t say that lightly), and the last private parking spot in the building reserved for the penthouses."

We're taking it with a mild dose of skepticism—we've heard tales of sales here before that didn't end up coming to pass, and the CORE website still lists a third floor unit too, but hey, poolside on Bowery, bayyybeee!
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52 East 4th Street

52 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10003