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On the Market: Make the Craziest FiDi Mansion Ever

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To be fair, a single-family megahouse is just one potential use for 70 Broad Street, the imposing five-story granite landmark at the corner of Beaver Street that just hit the market for, oh, only $45 million. According to the Brown Harris Stevens listing, "remarkably flexible zoning" means the 15,218-square-foot building can be used "either as an office, mixed-use property or residence and is ideal for a corporation, individual, or institution." But before any of that, some history: Ol' 70 Broad was built for the American Bank Note Company in 1908, and was remodeled and turned into a restaurant in the mid '90s. According to always trusty Wikipedia, it was snapped up for $5.5 million in 2004 by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Then things just got kooky!

According to the listing:

The property underwent an extensive and complete renovation in 2009 and is occupied by its owner. The lower part of the building currently houses administrative and representational rooms while the three top floors are configured as luxury apartments. In the below ground section there is a State-of-the-Art Cisco teleconferencing room which could also act as a profit center.

Above, a glimpse into the madness of 70 Broad. Dare we say this now becomes our favorite landmark to hit the market this week? Sorry, Bouwerie! And if the look (Ionic columns!) and location (steps from the NYSE!) don't already make this the perfect supervillain's lair, how about a peek at that teleconferencing room? Glad you asked:

Yeah, we could see ourselves demanding one meeeeeelleeeon dollars from world leaders in there.
· Listing: 70 Broad Street [BHS]

70 Broad Street

70 Broad Street, New York, NY