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Jay-Z: Boerum Hill Kingpin?

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In his new single "Empire State of Mind," Jay-Z (Jigga!) mentions a specific address, 560 State Street, as a former home/"stash box" of his. Vulture ventured to the building to see if any residents remember those days, and they do! One neighbor recalls that the building was a haven for black artists in the '90s, and Jay-Z was a nice guy who didn't seem to be up to anything shady. But Vulture isn't convinced: "The 500 block of Brooklyn's State Street would seem to be an ideal location for a stash box. Sheltered from the roaring intersection of Flatbush, Atlantic, and Fourth Avenue, this serene, verdant brownstone block is hidden in plain sight." Dealers take note, although there doesn't seem to be any condos currently available. [Vulture]