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Reader Rant #2: Save Soho From Canal Street!

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Over the years, Canal Street has devolved into a hot mess of traffic, tourists, trash and pirates (the bootlegging kind, not the eyepatch kind). No shocker there. However, recently some gritty areas around Canal have become kind of trendy. Take little Howard Street one block north, for example. It now even has its own upscale shopping crawl! This has widened the gap between Canal Street and its neighbors, and only amplified the hatred that some fringe Sohoites feel toward Canal. A reader rants:

I could chat with you for hours about the problems that are leaking off of Canal St. onto neighboring streets...particularly Howard Street in SoHo! It's atrocious! The people who come to sell fake bags, and others who sell whatever they can steal from cars by laying blankets down on the sidewalk are ruining the neighborhood! People are constantly urinating on our block.... it reeks!! I would love it if you could draw attention to this problem!Will Canal Street's craziness spread north until it consumes Soho whole? Better question: What the hell happened to that doll?
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