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New Battery Park City Condo Conversion Takes a Time Out

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We feel for Battery Park City's One Rector Park, we really do. A perfectly nice condo conversion of the rental building at 333 Rector Place, One Rector Park has a completed top-to-bottom renovation and non-outrageous prices following some preemtptive PriceChopping right before it hit the market. Unfortunately, the building is located just close enough to the Battery Park City Hell Building that the curse apparently carries over. The Broadsheet Daily reports that sales are temporarily on hold while developer Buttonwood Real Estate negotiates with its lenders on just how low the prices can go. In two weeks or so, the units will be back on the market "offering some real bargains to the buyers who get us from the 10 percent we've already sold to the 50 percent we need," according to the sales director. The building has sold about 10% of its 174 units at prices around $1,000 a square foot, and those in contract will be offered the same discounts?if the curse doesn't get them first. Mwahaha!
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· One Rector Park [Official Site; warning: Muzak]

One Rector Park

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