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CurbedWire: Building Boom on Vinegar Row, Waiting on the Reaper in Gramercy, Students to Fix Foreclosures

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DUMBO/VINEGAR HILL?A Curbed tipster sends over the above collage(!) and adds, "I wait here for the bus in dumbo/vinegar hill. Directly behind me are the Farrugut housing projects and then there's just this giant wall of condos opposite them." Maybe a game of Red Rover is in order? [CurbedWire Inbox]

GRAMERCY?Not only has the price on this Gramercy townhouse been reduced, but "swaps also considered." What's the problem? Oh, it, uh, might take a while to get to live there. A tipster writes: "I emailed the listing to a trust and estates attorney friend of mine and she has never heard of anything like this. How bummed is the life estate owner (who’s probably only 50 and in perfect health) going to be when he finds out his kid sold his remainder interest on the sly to some random person who will now be highly incentivized in the untimely death of the owner?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

NATIONWIDE?Do you have faith in the future leaders of America? sure does. Check out this press release: " today announced that it will reward five current and/or college-bound students with scholarships who can best provide a solution(s) to one of the most troubling issues facing our nation today: 'How to solve the foreclosure crisis?'" Good luck, young minds. [CurbedWire Inbox]

100 Gold Street Brooklyn

100 Gold Street, Brooklyn, NY

109 Gold Street

109 Gold Street, Brooklyn, NY