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FiDi Tumor Three Times Bigger Than Original Building

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Something wacky this way comes at 67 Liberty Street in the Financial District, where the boarded-up five-story commercial building between Broadway and Nassau Street is quickly adding floors after a long period of inactivity. The building is going residential, rentals to be exact. And that rooftop addition? Oh, it's just going to be 15 stories. You know, just a little somethin' somethin' up top. EV Grieve has construction photos, and our blogger friend laments the domination the new growth will have over the 1901 Beaux Arts landmark located next door at 65 Liberty (the former Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York). Grieve also unearthed a rendering of the finished product.

Hardly noticeable! Per the Newman Design Group write-up:

67 Liberty Street Condos is a 19 story luxury residential rental building. The property was converted from a five-story commercial building into a 19 floor residence through creative application of zoning regulations. The design plan retained the skin on the first five stories, thus preserving the existing zoning, setbacks and utilizing the maximum FAR. As a result of the building’s narrow architecture, an interior scissor stair was designed.Well, a lot of people have always said the Financial District lacks creativity, so, uh, here you go!
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67 Liberty Street

67 Liberty Street, New York, NY