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Brooklyn's Biggest Building Unveils Brooklyn's Biggest Banner

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When The Brooklyner does something, it does it big. That's sort of what comes with being the borough's tallest building, which the new 51-story rental tower at 111 Lawrence Street is, for now. A Curbed tipster with a view dominated by the Downtown Brooklyn behemoth alerts us to some new signage formally announcing the 500-unit development. It's a banner so big that to put the whole thing on the homepage means we'd have to invoice the Clarett Group for a skyscraper ad, so click through for the full reveal. And new details!

Thar she blows, and the silhouette theme carries through onto The Brooklyner's new website, which announces an October opening for the leasing office. The somewhat poorly-timed building will flood the market with studios, 1BRs and 2BRs. Per the spiel, it's "A building designed for the people who make Brooklyn an interesting place to live," so apparently the Bedford Avenue dancer will finally have a place to call home.
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