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Ridiculous Amenity Alert: A Deal on Park Avenue South

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This may not have qualified for Ridiculous Amenity Alert status back in the olden days, but cut us some slack, the personal sommeliers rode out of town on a horse called Lehman. New condo conversion 254 Park Avenue South in the Flatiron District knows that even in a down economy, masters-of-the-universe types love a gamble. And so the basement of the 13-story building is being turned into a poker lounge. Well, more like a residents' lounge with a poker table added (and a bar!). In the Post, the developer says of the gimmick amenity: "This isn't a gimmick amenity. The poker room is an extension of people's living space. We thought it was a good idea and then realized that no one else had done it before in Manhattan." As for why a resident would rather play in the basement rather than in the comforts of home, we're not quite sure, but we promise to listen to "The Gambler" on repeat until we come up with something.
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254 Park Ave. South

254 Park Ave. South, New York, NY 10010