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Cooper Union Building is East Village's Newest Thrill Ride!

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The Cooper Union's new academic building on the Bowery is an architectural marvel, but most of the really cool stuff is on the inside, where most of us will never tread. What benefit, then, is architect Thom Mayne's crazy creation to the general public? That question was answered over the weekend by new-media maven Dennis Crowley, who?after witnessing a BMX biker using the building's angled concrete footings as a ramp?decided to turn the building into a slide show with the help of a walking tour he was leading through the neighborhood. There's video!

First, the BMX bandit:

Then, the "ass slide" happened:

One more
, just because:

Get in while the gettin' is good, urban adventurers. We have a feeling security will soon put a stop to these affronts on such serious architecture.
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