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Preservation Watch: Blow-By-Blow From Landmarks' Big Day

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We hinted earlier this morning that today's Landmarks Preservation Commission public hearing was a biggie, with several Curbed hot topics making appearances, as well as some miscellaneous minor applications that still manage to tickle our fancy. Curbed Correspondent Matt Duckor reports on today's action down at 1 Centre Street:

1) 24 Bond Sreet: The recent extension of the Noho Historic District means that 24 Bond Street's tiny golden dancers are suddenly improperly affixed to a protected landmark. The owner of the building showed up with the sculptor/resident and a bunch of other artists in the community in order to explain why the statues should be left alone. One plus (?): Tourists show up and take pictures of the building! Community Board 2 testified that it's a bit "grouchy" about the whole thing and deemed the sculptures "inappropriate." Some concerns stemmed from the question of who would maintain the little guys if the artist was no longer able to. The verdict: The LPC decided they like art this time. Sculptures saved!

2) 415-423 Washington Street, aka 51-55 Vestry Street: For those not into North Tribeca Historic District controversies, new luxury development The Fairchild switched architects midway through construction. Plans got jumbled, wires were crossed, and what got built has some discrepancies from the plans approved by the LPC. So it was no surprise that this was the most heated confrontation. A highlight: "This is one where you have to hold your nose." Zing! The verdict: The LPC ruled that the windows and color of the building go along with the nabe and the efforts to diminish the presence of the rooftop penthouse were satisfactory.

3) 74 Grand Street: It turns out when a building shifts over 30 inches over the years, everyone has an idea about what to do with it. The owners of Soho's cast-iron 74 Grand Street want to tear it down. CB2 agrees, but worries about the storage of the façade and a possible buy-up that could combine the three lots at 74, 76 and 78 Grand Sreet. The owners of the buildings around it worry about their own buildings. The verdict: The LPC deemed that the building must be demolished, but are investigating if there are grounds to set up a penalty should something "happen" to the façade while it's in storage.

4) 41 Park Row: Architects working on the landmark former New York Times Building near City Hall, now a Pace University building, came before the committee with some pretty high hopes—adding four “rather small” flagpoles to the front of the building. There were claims that the building is often misidentified, despite the existing awning signage, but most of the LPC agreed that four flags was an “excessive amount.” The verdict: Only two flags allowed here.

5) 87 Lafayette Street: Long ago a plan was floated for 87 Lafayette that blew our brains out. It never materialized. Now, reps of this impressive former firehouse proposed plans to add a new double glass door entrance to one side of the building. While some committee members thought the design was too minimalist in its approach, others felt that the architect had gone too far. The verdict: The architects must meet with LPC members to discuss some refinements.

?Reporting by Matt Duckor

74 Grand Street

74 Grand Street, New York, NY

The Fairchild

55 Vestry Street, New York, NY