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On the Market: High Tide at 170 East End Avenue

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The 19-story glass-sheathed condo building overlooking Carl Schurz Park and Gracie Mansion at 170 East End Avenue was a boom-time blockbuster?prices rivaled those along Central Park, and the Peter Marino-designed development even snagged the occasional celeb. But like all ultraluxury developments, the economic meltdown hit hard, and buyers wanted out by any means necessary. But wait just a minute, doomsayers: Not everyone thinks the Upper East Side building has lost value!

New to the resale market is #12C, a 4BR, 5.5BA apartment with an absolutely massive private terrace. It sold at the end of '08 for $8.7 million, just as the market was entering a state of paralysis. Now, while struggles still persist, the asking price on #12C is $10.5 million, or $2,900 for each of its 3,619 interior square feet. The Corcoran listing gives us our first look inside the building, and at some of those gorgeous views. We're totally digging the floorplan porn, too. Check this monster out:

Will the seller fetch that price? Maybe whomever the Mets dupe into signing with them this offseason will want to one-up Santana in his own building.
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170 East End Ave

170 East End Ave, New York, NY