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Two Trees Riding Into Hell on a Horse Called Starchitecture

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Earlier we revealed what's on tap for Far West 42nd Street, and now there's a very encouraging bit of news regarding the Hell's Kitchen game changer, Clinton Park. Mexican starchitect Enrique Norten's slightly bonkers rental tower (and Mercees-Benz dealership, and NYPD horse stable) for developer Two Trees on a full block between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues and 53rd and 54th Streets was last seen making some progress, but building permits only called for a six-story structure. Now, following City Planning Commission approval, the permit has been updated to 30 stories and 675 units. And a tipster sends in some construction photos, adding, "The Walentas' Clinton Park is moving forward ... and fast." Initial plans called for 900 apartments. Downsizing, or are more changes to the paperwork forthcoming?
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