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Monster of Midtown: 440 West 42nd Street Revealed

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What is 440 West 42nd Street? It's the former Hell's Kitchen Swimming Hole in the land of Lincoln?Tunnel, that is. It's also where the Related Companies has plans for a 60-story, full-block tower with 623 rental units (20% saved for affordable housing), 151 condos on the higher floors and spaces for the Signature Theatre Company designed by Frank Gehry. Oh, it's also a rumored Arrested Development, only to be newly saved from the scrap heap. Yep, it's all of these things, and we've never had a peek at the thing. Until now!

A tipster points us to the website of Sota Glazing, a firm that works on engineering curtain walls. Wouldn't you know it, there's renderings of a big new client, 440 West 42nd Street (designed by Miami-based firm Arquitectonica). It's curiously described as an in-progress hotel/condo, but this is the only West 42nd Street Arquitectonica tower we know of that's on the boards. The building is kind of a snoozer considering the names involved, but that sure is one heck of a curtain wall. Along with Clinton Park (more on that one later today), Hell's Kitchen is getting quite the hot glass injection. Thoughts?
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440 West 42nd Street

440 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036