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Stuff White People Like: Westchester!

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Race is the third rail in any heated affordable housing discussion, and it's front and center in Westchester, where an agreement with the federal government approved by the county's Board of Legislators late last night puts to rest a lawsuit over the area's alleged residential segregation. The decision, described by the board's chairman as "perhaps the most important one to be made in the history of the county’s legislature," calls for Westchester to build 750 homes over seven years for families that earn low to moderate incomes in some of its most affluent and lily-white neighborhoods. There are no racial quotas for the affordable housing, but the homes must be marketed aggressively to black and Hispanic residents of the NYC area. The Times on the fallout: "The settlement could serve as a model for the Obama administration to challenge the actions of county governments that have resisted pressure to undo decades of patterns of residential segregation."
· Westchester Board Approves a Housing-Integration Pact [NYT]